Who We Are And What We Do.

With a five-year history as the industry standard, Green Purpose, LLC is uniquely positioned in the recycling and zero waste industry to implement a new affiliate website for Eco Friendly Products. By leveraging our industry connections, reputation, and high quality standards we have created this site to unite other environmentally-driven businesses online.

As a global eco-capitalist business leader, Green Purpose, LLC helps many large reputable companies through our Eco-Capitalist alliance network and certification program to achieve environmental excellence. is a division of Green Purpose, LLC and this site offers a new way to shop for Eco Friendly Green Products online. We have combined our internal line of eco-friendly products, such as our trademarked eco-educational posters, recycling stickers, containers, etc and woven other Eco Friendly Green Products from all major online retailers throughout.

As high traffic continues to skyrocket over time, we will begin to advertise and highlight additional companies for their various eco-friendly businesses accomplishments and products that meet our high quality standards.